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With 3D LiDAR Scanning and the Leica RTC 360 scanner, Precision 3D Scanning brings unparalleled accuracy to the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industries.

LiDAR 3D Scanning

Our service is P.R.I.M.E

With 35 years experience in flooring and construction, we bring a critical eye to precise measurements, 3d building scanning, and 3d point cloud technology.

Our core value and guiding principle of the company. We deliver high-quality, reliable results to our clients.

We get the job done just as discussed, and we guarantee satisfaction. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure success.

Committed to excellence through technology and innovation, we bridge the gap between advancing technologies and educating the industries.

Our passion is the craft in the details and getting exactly what is needed for the success of a project.

Every job site gets an eye for detail and precision, backed by 35 years experience in AEC Industry.

About the Leica RTC 360 LiDAR Scanner

Our equipment measures 2 million data points per second with a span of 1 kilometer. It has the option to render low, medium, and high resolution, 360 degree images, and concrete elevation heatmaps.

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