What you are seeing is not a walkthrough video.  This is residential hallway fly through of a pointcloud created with a 3D Lidar Scanner.

3D LiDAR scanners capture precise spatial data with exceptional accuracy. Emitting laser pulses, they measure distances down to the millimeter. Scanners then detect reflected pulses, generating highly detailed 3D point clouds. Subsequently, these point clouds vividly recreate surfaces and objects, providing a comprehensive view of the environment. LiDAR technology facilitates precise mapping and modeling of diverse landscapes. It enables virtual reconstructions of real-world spaces with unparalleled accuracy.

Specifically, In interior design, 3D LiDAR scanners revolutionize space analysis and planning. Designers utilize LiDAR to capture precise measurements of rooms and structures. Most important, this data enables accurate modeling and visualization of interior spaces, facilitating the creation of immersive design concepts. LiDAR scanners help identify architectural features and assess spatial relationships. Designers can experiment with various layouts and furniture arrangements virtually, ensuring optimal use of space. Additionally, LiDAR aids in detecting structural flaws or irregularities that may impact design decisions. With LiDAR technology, interior designers can streamline the design process and deliver tailored solutions that meet client needs effectively.

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